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Collection of Essays offers Analysis of "selfhood, the first-person pronoun 'I', and the first-person perspective."

Participate in the APA's Inaugural Alvin Plantinga Prize

An Unwelcome Guest: A Response to My Critics
This paper seeks to address all of the concerns raised by recent critics of Joshua Farris' Cartesianism and give reasons why Cartesianism fares better than alternative anthropologies in a cost-benefit analysis. Continued..

The Semiotic Animal and the Image of God
With reflections from philosopher John Deely, this paper explores how humanity?s being the semiotic animal is part and parcel of its being made in the Image of God. Continued..

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August 2 2021

2021 Panel Discussions at the Evangelical Philosophical Society Annual Conference

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August 1 2021

2021 EPS Sessions at the AAR/SBL Meeting

Come participate in multiple, in-person sessions in San Antonio, Texas, at the annual conference of the AAR/SBL. read more